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Legal Technology Training

The NSLT's Legal Technology Training Portal provides on-demand learning modules that devolop technology skills for lawyers, paralegals, and support staff.   Our All-In price structure allows you to access training on 25 software titles without having to buy them one title at a time.  This allows you to learn and gain proficiency on a multitude of software that ensures you are ready for any task you face at the office.

Our recommended learning paths will take you from beginner to expert level tasks, teaching you the skills you need to proficiently use the software program. Each software title is broken into several 5 - 10 minute modules. This allows for completion of the certificate at your own pace and as your time schedule allows. 

Our simulated software tutorials will have you learning on the software without having the need for the software to be installed on your computer system. This allows you to learn and test the software before your firm makes a commitment for a software purchase. 

Progress gauges allow you to visual see your training progress through that software programs learning modules.  Click on the gauge from your portal home page to select your next training course.  Follow the learning path for a guided training experience, or jump directly to the task you desire to learn about next.

Subscribers may learn and test on the following programs: 

Legal Technology Certificate

NSLT is proud to offer a Legal Technology Certificate badge of learning that provides training and verifies subscribers' knowledge of legal software. The certificate cost is included as part of the $499 NSLT 1-year subscription Fee. The certificate process requires completion of all of the training modules and knowledge checks on 12 different software programs of your choice, selected from the available courses in the Learning Portal.  

Once you have completed all the modules on 12 different software titles and are ready to receive your Acclaim Certificate badge, send an email requesting verification of your training history to: Admin@LegalTechSociety.org 

This certificate badge is one of the best ways  to demonstrate your skill and knowledge of legal technology to your current clients or potential employers!

Once completed, you can display your Acclaim badge on your email and social media accounts.  Your badge will contain your certificate credentials that can be verified by clients or employers with a simple click on the badge.

National Society for Legal Technology, Inc.TM  is dedicated to helping legal professionals learn about and explore legal technology software programs.   

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